WhisperKool Extreme Series wine cellar cooling units, Through to The Wall.

WhisperKool Extreme Series cooling units (THROUGH TO THE WALL)

Years of experience working within the wine cellar industry have inspired us to create a design capable of overcoming a range of installation challenges which limit the performance and longevity of a traditional cooling unit. Welcome to the Extreme Series – our highest end, professional grade cooling unit utilizing state of the art, high quality components. The system is designed for Powerful Operation, Efficiency, High Reliability and Longevity with excellent performance in a wide range of working environments. 

Superior Operating Flexibility

  • In hotter climates where outside temperatures can be over 43 C(110°F).
  • In cold climates where winter temperatures prevent other units from operating effectively
  • In limited spaces where ventilation is a problem
  • Perfect for ducting and/or installation into remote locations.
  • The Extreme Series wine cellar cooling units are designed to operate effectively in environmental conditions that cause traditional cooling units to fail. 


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