About us

Welcome to the Wine Cave.

We have been serving Canadian, American, and European customers since 1999. Wine Cave is a specialized boutique wine company based in Toronto, serving Canadian and international markets. We have a strong presence on the Web while our brick-and-mortar store serves many communities in Toronto. No matter what type of wine or beverage business you are in, Wine Cave has the competency and experience to meet your needs. Commercial restaurant  supplies are also available. Wine cave is a wholly subsidiary of Cookdad Ltd., 

Our Products:

No matter what type of wine or beverage products business you’re in, Wine Cave has the competencies and experience to meet your needs. 
Commercial restaurant  supplies available.

Wine and Bar Accessories: 
Wine cave accessories come from leading manufacturers the world over. They range from professional Eisch decanters and breathable glasses, Trudeau  accessories, Epivac beverage accessories to Screwpull  Leverpull gift sets.

Wine Cellars: 
Our wine cellars are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers such as Eurocave, WineCellR, Cavavin, Vinotemp, KoolR(Vintage Keeper) and the most popular manufacturers.