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Why You Need A Decanter

Many people are not aware of what a wine decanter is. Below is a description of a wine decanter, its use and how to choose one for your own use.

So now, let us find out what a decanter is and what it is used for. A decanter is a vessel made of glass where you can transfer your wine in. The process of transferring your wine to the decanter agitates the wine and mixes it with oxygen. When this procedure is done, the wine is greatly developed and at a very high speed comes to life. Before serving new or young wine, you need to let it sit in the decanter first after pouring it in the decanter. Twenty minutes is enough to decant the young wine before serving. For older or aged wine, however, decanting should not take long; after pouring wine in the decanter, it should be served immediately.

The reason for this is that when you overexpose it to oxygen, the flavor will change, which you don’t want to happen. Perhaps you are not convinced that a decanter is for you. If you decant wine, the sediments that are present in the wine are removed. The bitter and sharp flavor in wine is caused by these sediments.  Decanting wine will enhance its flavor.

Going forward, let us know how long can you leave wine in a decanter? If you want to see the wine at its best, then you should choose a clear, crystal decanter. If you choose a decanter that is colored or has too many designs or decorations, then the wine is obscured. Your decanter should be clean and spotless. Make sure that it does not have any kind of smell once you take it out of your cupboard. The best cleaning agent for decanters is crushed ice mixed with coarse salt. This mixture will help to remove any residual wine without leaving any aroma of its own.

So, if you want to have great tasting wine, then you should use cookware sets before serving. If you want to taste wine with its enhanced flavor, then you should use the best decanter for it. Allowing your wine to mix with oxygen mellows down the harsh tannins which are responsible for making your wine taste dry, bitter, and astringent.

So, you know what a decanter is now and how to make it clean without leaving any smell, you should get yourself one and enjoy some really great tasting wine. You can find many elegant and beautiful decanter styles in the market today. Choose a decanter that reflects your tastes and appeals to you. 

Eisch No Drop Effect Decanters


Wine enthusiasts are all too familiar with the pesky problem of drops of red wine running down the outside of a decanting carafe creating unsightly stains. Inspired by the natural water repelling properties of the lotus leaf, Eisch developed the No Drop Effect© for decanters. The Eisch No Drop© Effect is a special treatment of decanters which inhibits droplets from running down the outside of carafes. Droplets formed while pouring gather at the rim of the carafe and roll back into the carafe, saving table clothes and table tops from unsightly stains. Made of lead-free crystal, the intricately designed Eisch No Drop Decanters add a level of functional sophistication to any table.

Eisch No Drop Effect Decanters