Eurocave Compact Wine Cabinets – Model: V059


Eurocave Compact Wine Cabinets – Model: V059

$3,299.00 $3,150.00

  • USD: $2,469.16
  • EUR: €2,086.93
  • GBP: $1,820.90

Black Casing with Glass Door, Under counter Single Temperature cabinet.56 bottles.
Front venting for zero clearance on sides and top. H :32.75″, W:23.38″, D: 21.85″

Capacity:  Full Shelving Configuration = 38 bottles      Bulk Configuration = 56 bottles
Finish: Black Casing with All Glass Door
Dimensions: H :32.75", W:23.38", D: 21.85"

The new " Main du Sommelier" shelf

The Main du Sommelier is fitted with a body made from two materials combining a rigid structure to hold the bottle and a supple material which adapts to its shape and protects it from vibrations. Modular, it can hold all types of bottles and you can place the number of bottles you desire in the location you desire on the support. Finally, the label holder is made from eco-certified beech, protected by a water-based varnish.

Wine Cabinet Features

  • Temperature Control: Single temperature zone with electronic regulation from 5°C to 20°C
  • Acceptable Ambient Temperatures: 0°C to 35°C
  • Shelving: Includes 4 sliding shelves
  • Carbon filter: Yes
  • Lock: Yes
  • Reversible door: Yes
  • Handle: Treated inoxidizable steel
  • Bottle lighting: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years for parts and labour, 5 years on compressor, 10 years on corrosion
  • Twin Process Thermal Control: Keep the temperature consistent, even when temperatures outside the cabinet range from 0° – 35°C! Eurocave ensures this with both heating and cooling processes and SRA aluminum walls for even temperature distribution.
  • “Hygro +” Humidity Control System: Achieve a relative humidity consistently over 50% with stucco aluminum walls for even moisture distribution.
  • Alarm System: Left the door ajar? Humidity level gone wrong? Too warm or cold in the cabinet? An alarm is triggered to let you know right away.
  • Effective Insulation: Eurocave’s CQI cellular insulant plus the 5cm cabinet walls are equivalent to almost 2 metres of solid earth!
  • “Breather Effect” Ventilation: This Eurocave cabinet comes with a separate vent for air intake and aire output. The intake vent also includes a charcoal filter for purifying the air.
  • Vibration Exclusion: Let your wine rest in peace. The compressor is completely separated from the cabinet and stands on high performance silent blocks.
  • High Capacity, Sturdy Shelving: Securely cradle bottles of various shapes/sizes in Eurocave’s sturdy shelving while maximizing your storage capacity.